NTD 512,421 硬幣


數據預估分析   數據預估分析

每日參觀者   每日參觀者 1,249
每日瀏覽量   每日瀏覽量 4,998
每日廣告收入   每日廣告收入 NTD 450
每月估計統計   每月不重複訪問人數 36,897
頁面瀏覽量   頁面瀏覽量 147,591
每月的廣告收入   每月的廣告收入 NTD 13,283
年度不重複訪問人數   年度不重複訪問人數 456,358
年度瀏覽量   年度瀏覽量 1,825,482
每年的廣告收入   每年的廣告收入 NTD 164,293

基本資訊   基本資訊




車網, automobile, car, 試車, 汽車, reviews, videos, car1, car1hk


香港第一 車網, 汽車,試車報告 ,全香港最多 新車資訊 0既網站。有齊視像新聞、跑車資訊、商場泊車優惠、日產 Nissan 頻道、萬事得 Mazda 頻道、豐田 Toyota 頻道、Hyundai 現代、Suzuki 鈴木、Benz 平治、Audi 奧迪、BMW 寶馬、車事短評。最勁0既 街錶定位 (iPhone, android GPS 自動定位) 提供各種最新最強的汽車資訊、試車報告、駕駛秘笈 車網

搜索引擎統計   搜索引擎統計

Google 索引頁數   Google 索引頁數 94,300
Yahoo 索引頁數   Yahoo 索引頁數 40,400
Bing 索引頁數   Bing 索引頁數 40,300
Google 連結數   Google 連結數 52,000

Facebook狀態   Facebook狀態

分享數 0
評論數 0
Comment plugin count 0
Reaction count 0
總數 0

Alexa 統計 Alexa 統計  

全球排名 132,047
外部連接 204
當地國家排名 1,395
國家 香港 香港
載入速度 0.890秒 (比84%的網站快)
Search Traffic
Search Traffic

網站安全狀態   網站安全狀態

Google   Google safe
Norton   Norton safe

社群分享統計   社群分享統計

Pins   Pins 0
Stumbleupon   Stumbleupon 0

主機所在地點   主機所在地點

國家 美國 美國
區域 Virginia
城市 Ashburn
經度 -77.4874
緯度 39.0438

WHOIS(網域購買者資訊)   WHOIS(網域購買者資訊)

Whois server by HKIRC
.hk top level Domain names can be registered via HKIRC-Accredited Registrars.
Go to for details.

Domain Name: CAR1.HK

Domain Status: Active

DNSSEC: unsigned

Contract Version: HKDNR latest version

Active variants

Inactive variants

Registrar Name: Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited

Registrar Contact Information: Email: Hotline: +852 2319 1313


Registrant Contact Information:

Holder English Name (It should be the same as your legal name on your HKID card or other relevant documents): TEDDY LEUNG
Holder Chinese Name: LEUNG WING LUN
Domain Name Commencement Date: 17-03-2009
Country: Hong Kong (HK)
Expiry Date: 17-03-2026
Re-registration Status: Complete
Account Name: HK2295529T

Technical Contact Information:

Given Name: LI
Family name: SAMSON
Company Name: TEDDY LEUNG

Name Servers Information:


Status Information:

Domain Prohibit Status:

The Registry contains ONLY,,,,, and .hk domains.

WHOIS Terms of Use
By using this WHOIS search enquiry service you agree to these terms of use.
The data in HKDNR's WHOIS search engine is for information purposes only and HKDNR does not guarantee the accuracy of the data. The data is provided to assist people to obtain information about the registration record of domain names registered by HKDNR. You agree to use the data for lawful purposes only.

You are not authorised to use high-volume, electronic or automated processes to access, query or harvest data from this WHOIS search enquiry service.

You agree that you will not and will not allow anyone else to:

a. use the data for mass unsolicited commercial advertising of any sort via any medium including telephone, email or fax; or

b. enable high volume, automated or electronic processes that apply to HKDNR or its computer systems including the WHOIS search enquiry service; or

c. without the prior written consent of HKDNR compile, repackage, disseminate, disclose to any third party or use the data for a purpose other than obtaining information about a domain name registration record; or

d. use such data to derive an economic benefit for yourself.

HKDNR in its sole discretion may terminate your access to the WHOIS search enquiry service (including, without limitation, blocking your IP address) at any time including, without limitation, for excessive use of the WHOIS search enquiry service.

HKDNR may modify these terms of use at any time by publishing the modified terms of use on its website.


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